Software Development Consulting Business

EA ivanko
Feb 4

Is it hard to start and scale a business in software development and managed services? Tired of corporate, and planning to hire team outside of bay area. Any tips on landing big clients?


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  • New DvVM00
    short answer: yes
    Feb 40
  • Oracle itcon
    Being myself in consulting all my life here are my 02 cents.
    1. It is difficult business.low margin. Need really good cxo contacts to get consulting deal.
    2. Sourcing especially hiring talent and retaining them is challenging due to low margins
    3. To make headaway in consulting business with good margins, company needs prebuilt accelerators which solves typical enterprise problems. It will need investment.

    Easy way to start with is start bodyshop and as you grow take cae of #3.
    Feb 40

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