Software Engineer to Google Developer Advocate

Amazon Eijg84
Jun 25 6 Comments

Looking for career advice:

I've been offered a job as a Partner Developer Advocate at Google. I'm really interested in the job role and looking forward to working at Google. But I'm also worried about transitioning away from the Software Engineering world.

I've been working as a SWE for over 10 years now (currently at Amazon) and was wondering if this is a bad career move.

How hard would it be to move back to SWE if I ended up regretting my decision?

How much of a career hit am I taking here?

Are DAs looked down upon in Google by engineers?


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TOP 6 Comments
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    It will reduce your chances of getting SWE jobs in the future
    Jun 25 1
    • SolarWinds AnEngineer
      Bull shit. If they can still answer the technical questions they're asked in interviews it won't hurt their chances at all.
      Jun 25
  • Google / Eng Cesare
    Like all teaching jobs I'm assuming it pays less.
    Jun 25 0
  • New / QA

    New QA

    Glad to be here
    You have to try it first!!
    Jun 25 0
  • MathWorks woohoo11
    TC asshole
    Jun 25 0
  • All about leetcode bro. :)
    Jun 25 0