Sold stock too early with small profit and its 25% up

Google dfxur
Oct 28 25 Comments

how to when to buy and sell.

For buying, They say buy when prices are low, check the numbers in financial statements; but it's such a bull market that all prices are inflated.
when to buy?

I'm also worried about the recession on the way. I think all prices are going to go down, so play safe and invest little in many companies- however that takes me nowhere.

any online course on LinkedIn learning or somewhere that would help?

(tagging companies just in case they have some insights being full time into that)


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  • If anyone of us knew it, we would not be working. Invest long term because you cant beat those computers doing hft
    Oct 28 2
  • Amazon god
    Buy when it’s oversold. You have missed the boat this time. Wait for the dip to come and start to invest in stable stocks like Apple, Microsoft. If you want voltatily, go for Tesla and Netflix. If you want loss, go for Lyft and Uber
    Oct 28 4
    • Google QTOPS
      You can’t time the market. Better to dollar cost avg throughout the year. And double down during dips
      Oct 28
    • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
      Not trying to be a jackass but wanna put it out there that picking and investing is a bad idea. Make your life easier and go for Index Funds/Target Date funds
      Oct 28
    • Amazon god
      What index funds do you recommended?
      Oct 28
    • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
      Do you have Schwab or Fidelity ? I think amazon gets vanguard which is probably THE BEST platform for index investing. I am in schwab and personally recommend SCHX,SCHB,SCHG If you can take some risk (aka are younger) . Or go straight to Trget Date funds (2055 ) to keep everything on autopilot

      For vanguard index funds just google and read the links on reddit
      Oct 28
  • Google / Eng 🍑☁️
    The information you're asking for, if it works consistently, would be worth trillions of dollars.

    First of all, I'm not convinced a consistently good answer to this question even exists. But second of all, if anyone did have the answer, they sure as hell would not be sharing it on Blind.
    Oct 28 1
    • Visa / Eng kjzO64
      This is the only right answer to OP’s question as stated.

      Everyone who was previously unsure should reserve a moment to internalize it and then another moment to feel foolish for not thinking about it themselves.
      Oct 28
  • Google The Old Nite
    There's no way to predict that. There are people with full time jobs and algorithms which try to predict this. Even they make only probabilistic guesses, and a layman just doesn't have enough time or data to do well here.

    Don't pick stocks. Read up online about various types of assets and their risks/rewards and diversify your investments based on your time horizon and risk tolerance.

    Don't try to land a single great investment, it's like playing the lottery.
    Oct 28 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Working on Brain Machine Interfaces
    Lol, the tags on this.
    Oct 28 0
  • FLYR hQJf32
    Index funds and forget about them lol
    Oct 28 0
  • Amazon crypto*
    Sell half. That way you reduce the risk but keep upside potential open.
    This is assuming you have done your own research.
    Oct 28 0
  • Amazon sako
    Buy when you are working, sell when you are retired
    Oct 28 0
  • F5 Networks wait,what?
    If you sold at a profit, it wasn’t too early.

    When you buy investments, calculate a target rate of return. If you get that return more times than when you don’t, you’ve won the investing game.
    Oct 28 2
    • Google dfxur
      That's what I do. I expect to get 3 4% in quick time and sell them. However there are other stocks who tank 10 15% meanwhile.
      Oct 28
    • F5 Networks wait,what?
      Yep. So either sell them sooner or pick them better. The idea of investing is simple, execution is complex.
      Oct 28
  • Uber WDdM53
    the ok
    Oct 28 0
  • AT&T MsdR32
    1. Buy newspaper with stock page
    2. Buy darts.
    3. Hang newspaper on wall
    4. Buy blindfold.
    5. Buy monkey
    6. Teach monkey to throw darts
    7. Put blindfold on monkey
    6. Have monkey throw darts at newspaper.
    7. Go all in on monkey dart picks.
    8. Profit!
    Oct 28 0
  • Prudential -asdf-
    Look up "dollar cost averaging". Simple yet super effective.
    Oct 28 0
  • GrubHub tried
    Other people said it here. Index funds. Or get a robo-trader and do nothing
    Oct 28 0
  • Prudential dbYy60
    Ask if they do refunds
    Oct 28 0
  • Credit Karma iopsifnr
    Vanguard index funds.

    Whenever you hear that someone can beat the market, start laughing inside your head, that person has no idea what they’re doing.
    Oct 28 0
  • Eigen 🔥blind
    You are not the only one.. I am pretty sure, 99% of so called traders failed Beyond Meat spike
    Oct 28 0


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