Solo (or team of 2/3) developer side project success (>$5k per month) stories - App or web development

OSIsoft wikendHack
Apr 9 4 Comments

Share your stories of success, strategies, insights...

Link to your app, blog or website...

How did you balance the time between fun& enjoyment, the project and the full time work aka job...


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Castlight Health whaaaaaat
    Fun? Who are you kidding? You want to be successful there is no fun.
    Apr 9 2
    • Autodesk / Product ghosadi

      You have to let go of something.
      Apr 9
    • Castlight Health whaaaaaat
      This is accurate enough. 0 friends, 0.5 family, 0.5 health, 1.0 work. That has been me for many years. Thankfully they put up with me and I haven't died yet.
      Apr 9
  • Uber 💩Data
    Didn’t have to balance work and the side project that much since I quit my job to do it!
    Apr 11 0