Sony PlayStation compensation

Jun 28 12 Comments

Got an offer from Sony PS, San Fran for senior software engineer backend role, PlayStation network.

Performance bonus: 15-25% (min is 15% but they’ve been getting between 25-30 for last 4 years)
LTI: 20% every year
Sign on:40k

Is this a good offer? The culture seems really nice and excellent team members who are kind of nerds 🙂

I have other interviews lined up with FB and Netflix. The bonus is pretty good with all cash and bonus will jump a lot more during the initial years of PS5.

TC :175k
Yoe: 4.5y with masters


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  • Amazing culture. I work in the SD office. Isn’t 165k a bit on the low side for SF ?
    Jun 28 2
    • Target D1gi0ceAn
      Do you have any reviews for sd office - I am thinking over an offer too for the SD location.
      Hows the office culture, work life balance and leadership ?
      Oct 7
    • Office culture is pretty great. Work life balance tends to be really good for the most part, there’s only a few teams that are known to sweat their people. Senior leadership is not to be trusted though. After the recent layoffs, morale has been grim.
      Oct 7
  • Facebook hd7dhej
    TC seems low for senior role. Idk how backend SWE is different from normal SWE (as far as compensation goes). But at FB IC5 is senior and TC would be expected to be 300k+
    Jun 28 1
    • OP
      I am being considered for IC4 at FB due to less yoe. Onsite scheduled
      Jun 28
  • What is LTI? how does that different from Performance Cash Bonus? Googled a bit to get an idea, but would like to hear from people with LTI knowledge here.
    Oct 8 0
  • OP- I’m interviewing with them soon! Can you please check your DM
    Jul 31 0
  • Sony / Eng

    Sony Eng

    Thermo Fisher Scientific
    The base definitely feels low, compared to faang. I know similar companies pay close to 180k base, but not sure how they compare with the bonus and LTI
    Jul 10 0
  • Microsoft / Eng cbCv23
    oh this is SF? nvm.
    Jun 29 0
  • Pear Therapeutics prez.trump
    Is 165k base low? What do ppl think is the market rate excluding FANGs?
    Jun 28 0
  • Intuit RammyG
    The pay raises at Sony make up for the low ball intro
    Jun 28 0
  • Microsoft / Eng cbCv23
    Jun 28 0


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