SpaceX Sr Engineer TC range and breakdown in Paysa

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Feb 13 5 Comments

Does this look current? Would Sr engineers fall on the high end of this distribution, or have a different distribution than this?

SpaceX Sr Engineer TC range and breakdown in Paysa


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  • Microsoft am sjbg
    SlaveX indeed
    Feb 13 2
    • SpaceX SlaveX420
      ^This guy knows the struggle^
      Feb 15
    • Microsoft Darth G
      Thankfully 420 is there to help
      Feb 16
  • SpaceX SlaveX420
    Looks about right for mid career Engineer.
    Feb 15 0
  • Hortonworks / Other

    Hortonworks Other

    That search result is for engineer. Paysa doesn’t even have senior engineer data so I find their spaceX data not accurate at all. Los Angeles pay is low in general. My guess for senior engineer at spaceX would be $130-$150k total compensation.
    Feb 13 0


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