Spectrum Auction Results!!

Jun 5 10 Comments

Spectrum Auction Results (24 and 28 GHz):
•AT&T: 831 licenses for $982M
•VzW: 9 licenses for $15M
•T-Mobile: 1,346 licenses for $803M
•US Cellular: 282 licenses for $126M
•Starry: 104 licenses for $48M
•Windstream: 116 licenses for $20M

Thoughts? Didn't Windstream go bankrupt? I guess they still had 20M


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  • TMobile punching above its weight as always
    Jun 5 3
    • Apple magikarp16
      How did they pay less than AT&T for more licenses?
      Jun 5
    • Tableau / Eng TacW56
      The uncarrier showing its shrewdness and agility once more, justifying its stock price soaring.
      Jun 5
    • HBO


      Username is an insult for Jonah Ryan (Veep!) that didn’t make it to air.
      AT&T likely bid on some more desirable spectrum locales.

      Specific frequency ranges (typically higher frequencies) are less desirable (power and technology costs increase to achieve same throughout distance and quality). Which typically drives price. These would not have been worth purchasing at all several years ago.

      But these probably vary based on location. They’re all “undesirable” based on frequency. I imagine they got into a bidding war for major urban centers.

      Not sure how it’s split up but there are probably geographic restrictions on n258 or n257. I wouldn’t think frequency (which typically accounts for price differences) would make as much difference here.

      Both bands are likely only going to be widely used commercially in urban environments because of power and density, so I would imagine only a subset of licenses available today are worth purchasing.
      Jun 6
  • Credit Karma nullp0intr
    Why such price variations? Different frequencies?
    Jun 5 3
    • New / R&D 2🐥same🕜
      Number of licenses it seems
      Jun 5
    • Credit Karma nullp0intr
      The math doesn't add up for that.
      Jun 5
    • New / R&D 2🐥same🕜
      Well clearly some licenses have more value than others, I don't know what a license grants maybe it's.location based so denser markets may be worth more to some providers. It's an auction so I wouldn't get too hung up on this.
      Jun 5
  • AT&T / Eng

    AT&T Eng

    Optum, Windstream, AT&T, Verizon
    VZW... 9?
    Jun 7 0
  • Comcast / Sales

    Comcast Sales

    Comcast Business, Zayo Group
    Windstream filed for bankruptcy protection....not liquidation. They got a big cash infusion to help them work their way out while the judge overseas their plans. They could still shit the bed....I think Spectrum got caught sending letters to Windstream customers claiming they were going to lose their services and the had to switch....lol
    Jun 5 0


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