Splunk Interview Difficulty

Jun 19 3 Comments

Applying for entry level Performance engineering role at Splunk. What is the difficulty like compared to FAANG interviews? I have a phone interview coming up.

One useful answer I got was that it is mainly Leetcode easy questions. Looking online I see they have asked a lot of theoretical questions too beyond DS and algorithms. Anyone with experience can answer?


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  • Tesla InmR60
    I passed the interviews for p3 (sde 2) 2 weeks back and they were some of the easiest I've done
    Jun 21 2
    • OP
      Would you rate it Leetcode easy, medium or hard? I am interviewing for entry-level performance engineering so idk what to expect and am stressing out! Did you get ask any conceptual questions related to. Software dev or any behavioral questions?
      Jun 21
    • Tesla InmR60
      1st was coding, LC medium super easy island abstraction problem. 2 was lc medium, given a list of words return all that exist in the matrix no spot can be used twice, and then optimizations on top of that. 3 was behavioral plus test coverage questions, 4 was behaviors plus system design, 5 was behavioral
      Jun 21