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Samsung samty
Jul 24 7 Comments

Had a technical telephonic interview with the engineering team member. It's been a week, the recruiter is not responding. I really liked the team and the interview went very well. Any suggestions :(

Did anyone face similar problem with the recruiters in splunk


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  • Amazon vdcb40
    I had a terrible experience with Splunk recruiting. I tried to interview with them, but after we set the on-site date, they didn’t respond to any messages about scheduling flights or hotels until the day of the on-site.
    Jul 24 0
  • Splunk iLnGsV
    Splunk's recruiters are astonishingly useless, apologies. Your best bet is to reach out to someone at Splunk that you know. Years ago I had to call the manager for the position several times before the recruiter got back to me.
    Jul 25 0
  • Fitbit jhtU40
    Liked only for telephonic interview
    Jul 24 1
    • Splunk iLnGsV
      Sure is a funny way to say it, right?
      Jul 25
  • NVIDIA / Eng denvCoder9
    I too have been waiting for 1.5 week now. Interviewed there 14 days ago
    Jul 24 0
  • Visa frxd35
    Splunk has a slow interview process. I heard they may take more than a week or two to get back after the interview. btw what is the role ?
    Jul 24 0
  • Coupang
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    I am speed.
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    My Splunk process took 7 days from screen to offer, to counter offer, to final offer.
    Jul 24 0