Splunk onsite feedback..

VMware Bitsnbytes
Jul 1 11 Comments


recently finished onsite.. its been 1 week but no reponse from recruiter.. If someone has recent experience, any idea how much tome do they take in general to revert back..



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TOP 11 Comments
  • Cisco Bariolu
    Did you hear back from them?
    Jul 9 4
    • VMware Bitsnbytes
      Not yet.. still waiting.. :-(
      Jul 10
    • Sony nope1234
      Did you hear back @op?
      Jul 22
    • VMware Bitsnbytes
      Yes.. after two weeks got an update.. negative..
      Jul 22
    • Salesforce vveorv
      How was the onsite? What kind of questions?
      Jul 23
  • Splunk krasn
    Splunk is on shotdown on July 3, 4 and 5.
    Also, a lot of folks are out the entire week.
    Jul 3 2
    • Microsoft adios2019
      Do you also shut down at year end like LinkedIn?
      Jul 4
    • Splunk krasn
      Yes for 2 weeks approximately
      Jul 6
  • Cisco JSRd88
    I got the result in 3-4 days. Email the recruiter.. you should hear from them in a day.
    Jul 2 1
    • VMware Bitsnbytes
      I have sent email couple of times.. but nothing yet.. not sure coz they have shutdown period for sometime coz of Jul 4.. :-(
      Jul 3
  • Autodesk boba415
    Do the needful and ask your recruiter
    Jul 1 0


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