Splunk onsite interview experience

Fanatics oreally!
Aug 10 6 Comments

Had a bad experience with the search team. Not friendly and borderline a-hole attitude by one guy. Would people working there do anything for money?


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  • Splunk Splunkrite
    Splunk culture can be pretty toxic in many teams - just FYI
    Aug 10 2
    • Fanatics oreally!
      Why is it so? Any specific reason?It did seem like people were disgruntled.
      Aug 12
    • American Express dexlab
      @splunk, could you elaborate more?
      Aug 15
  • Sony wkdhsusb
    @op can I DM you ?
    Aug 21 0
  • Splunk Skatefree
    In my experience, luck of the draw. I know the teams I help with interviews all work their butts off to make candidates want these jobs. Even if they knew they weren’t going to make an offer 2 min into an interview i expect them to at least be polite.
    Aug 17 0
  • Zillow Group 4096
    Yes, people always work for the money, why you thing people work at Amazon ?

    The free bananas is a good perk but is not enough

    There are companies that try to reduce or eliminate the a-hole attitude but some are very smart, so management has to weight and decide what is best for them
    Aug 10 0