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Jun 6 5 Comments

What should I expect for the coding interview for a systems role? LC medium? DP questions?

Any other advice / recommendations for the onsite?

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  • ION Group FNpX01
    LC medium and know time complexities for most java collections operations as well as overview of what each collection is backed by. For eg treeset by treemap and treemap by red black trees so on and so forth.

    You will most probably write code on a laptop on coderpad and it will need to compile and run test cases successfully in the allotted time.

    Behavioral is difficult as they are very culture fit oriented. They have a bank of like 50 questions. The interviewer will read you an excerpt regarding their values and ask you a question that youโ€™ll have to relate your past experiences to.

    The case study round is fucking stupid. They will not give any information unless you pry it out of them. Please assume that the system being described to you was implemented and designed by idiots.

    System design is standard like design Instagram and their Ike.

    All the best it is not difficult just way too long
    Jun 6 2
    • Spotify tvfQ72
      I really enjoyed the case study round, I must be an idiot.

      Everything else true, I used a whiteboard for answering not a laptop. Behavior focused, LC medium. Good luck!
      Jun 7
    • ION Group FNpX01
      I think my interviewer was being difficult just because he could. I had written on the board reasons that I could eliminate were not causing the problem and he confirmed those. And later when I stumbled onto the answer (load balancer failure) it was one of those I had already eliminated.

      I asked him about it and he shrugged and said you did not ask how the load balancer was implemented. Wtf!!

      You mustโ€™ve asked the right questions and I made the wrong assumptions. Hence the comment implied that the OP assume nothing.
      Jun 7
  • Zillow Group >>>
    You have to pay premium to skip an interviewer
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  • ConocoPhillips ankshus
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