Spotify Product Marketing Manager offer

Groupon plTO13
Sep 2 12 Comments

Hello Blind,

I got an offer from Spotify for their Product Marketing Manager role in NYC. I believe I've been lowballed.

Here is the comp breakdown: 95k base, 22k bonus.

I work in Chicago right now, where cost of living is so much cheaper. My total comp here is 92k

How would I go about negotiating this? Any help on this is much appreciated.

YOE: 1.5 years


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Amazon flyblind
    You have 1.5 years of experience...
    Sep 2 2
    • Groupon plTO13
      I also live in Chicago and make that amount right now. NYC has a higher cost of living.
      Sep 2
    • New kplay
      These kids want everything these days. Don't matter yoe.
      Sep 2
  • Expedia Group Big 🍆!
    You should decline and tell them to shove it. Then play Despacito on repeat to drive up their costs. Seriously, they’re not going to offer you a better TC.
    Sep 2 0
  • Spotify is known for not offering competing TC. You should try to negotiate something a little higher than $95K (because what I heard is that your chances to increase base is almost none once you are there). Career growth is number 1 complain I heard from other people who came from Spotify. Try to negotiate the best you can and good luck!
    Sep 2 0
  • Spotify / Eng qbeforeu
    Bonus? Spotify claims to not pay bonuses
    Sep 2 2
    • New M4ster
      Can’t speak for everyone but they didn’t offer me a bonus. Threw a base salary and some stock options. Stock options, not RSUs.
      Sep 2
    • Spotify / Product WXUp28
      Spotify have sign in bonus, but only in US
      Sep 3
  • New 2b26c
    You have 1.5 years of experience? Im probably naive working at a record label but this sounds great, applying at Spotify again tomorrow. Lol
    Sep 4 0
  • Wayfair / Eng mxHp13
    Not at all an answer to your question, but how long did it take to hear from them after you first applied?
    Sep 3 0
  • New M4ster
    Notorious for horrible offers. Great place to chase your passion for music and get left behind in the dust on TC. They didn’t even budge $1 on a crappy offer to me so lost me to FANG. I even had competing offers ....

    But you are just getting started so not bad as a place to stay for a couple of years and move on. Just don’t stay too long.

    TC: $400K.
    Sep 2 0
  • Google homelander
    PMM salary range is lower than PM, so with only 1.5 YOE this is a relatively standard offer / a bit of a lowball due to experience. Ask for stock and 110k base and see what they come back with. keep us updated!
    Sep 2 0