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Uber / Eng ohfd
May 13 9 Comments

What TC does squarespace offer? How much equity are they giving out? Is it options or RSU?

TC 320 and dropping


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  • Squarespace TdOS08
    SE1: 150k base + 20k rsu
    SE2: 180k base + 30k rsu

    All numbers in $ value per year, no bonus, some refresher if you get promoted

    You automatically sell part of the rsu back to the company to pay for taxes.
    May 29 0
  • Squarespace tAUQ32
    Lol I'm getting screwed I'm def not getting 180 as se2
    Jun 14 1
    • Squarespace mk3nh3
      You should talk with your manager. These are the ballpark numbers for the new offers we extend. The longer you stay, the more the management screws you in TC.
      Jun 24
  • Bloomberg cap777
    Definitely not 300k
    May 13 0
  • Bloomberg cap777
    But squarespace is not a public company. How come the RSUs have value?
    May 29 3
    • Squarespace mk3nh3
      It’s usually based off the last 409A valuation or last fundraising round. Squarespace will buy back only what’s needed to pay taxes at the latest valuation. There is no public market for those shares yet.
      May 29
    • Bloomberg cap777
      Hmm. So at squarespace for Sr engineers can the TC be over 250k or close to 300k
      May 30
    • Squarespace mk3nh3
      It’s very unlikely. There are people who have options from 5 years ago who used to make that on paper when they were still vesting those options. RSUs and especially the refresher RSUs, not even close. 250 would be staff, 300 probably principal. A few people took about a 30-50% pay cut from G and FB, the more senior, the bigger the pay difference.
      May 30
  • Chase SipG12
    How was your squarespace interview? And what was the turnaround time after you were done interviewing?
    Aug 8 0


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