Sr. Data Analyst Interview at Nauto

Roku SaHI66
Oct 15 2 Comments

The interview process was very bad. First, the recruiter called and found out my background and scheduled a technical phone screen. Technical phone screen went well, the interviewer liked me and it went really smooth.
Later, a call with the hiring manager has been scheduled after 2 weeks as the hiring manager was on leave. The interview with the hiring manager was supposed to be 45 minutes as per the schedule but she wound it up in less than 15 minutes. She showed no interest in interviewing. She didn't ask any behavioral questions or technical questions. All she asked was my background, which is already mentioned clearly in the resume.
By talking to her in the interview it was apparent that they were not going to move forward. It could be because they found someone or she didn't like the background.
The point that irritated me the most is that:
If it is the background that is the problem, why do they have to waste my time by scheduling a 2nd interview if there is a mismatch in the role and skills needed and how come this issue hasn't surfaced when the recruiter call happened and 1st technical round has happened?
If they have found someone in between the 1st and 2nd interview, why do they have to keep me waiting and have me talk to the hiring manager when the decision has been already made. It is not like I have a lot of time for them. It was of so much stress for no purpose for 2 weeks waiting for the hiring manager.
Overall, it was such a waste of time to interview at this place.


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  • Verizon usernotfnd
    Had similar experience with them in July.. I remember the women was ex fb employee and she was proud of it..Not much abt her current role..
    Oct 15 0
  • Apple / Eng ๐Ÿ’codemonk
    Naruto style for Nauto ftw
    Oct 16 0


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