Sr Data Analyst Salary

Autodesk rjgvdie
Nov 15 7 Comments

Hi All, I would like to know what's the avg expected salary of Sr Data Analyst Salary in tech giants??

Bay area location



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TOP 7 Comments
  • Amazon eidbfa7en$
    $135k TC at Amazon
    Nov 15 3
    • CBRE / Data Rana_G
      Is it same for BI engineer as well?
      Nov 15
    • Amazon eidbfa7en$
      No, BIE is around 10-15% higher.

      Data analyst is the same payband as business analyst, and is considered non-tech
      Nov 15
    • CBRE / Data Rana_G
      Thanks for clarifying
      Nov 15
  • NewRelic PBnS88
    Depends on what level, senior should be IC3 or higher and should be looking at 160-180k TC
    Nov 25 0
  • CBRE / Data Rana_G
    Which location?
    Nov 15 1


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