Staff Android Engineer - expected total comp in Bay Area

Intuit intupu
Nov 9 4 Comments

Android Engineer here -- 7yrs of solid Android focused work, founded an unsuccessful startup a few years back and actively working on side projects on the play store. Relatively impressive Resume, or so I'm told.

Currently working in a toxic org with a dunce for a manager and will be shopping myself around soon.

Aside from FANG, which I'd likely not get an offer at due to leetcode bs, I'd probably be looking for a senior role at a "tier 2" company-- think LinkedIn, Airbnb, Snap.

Any idea what sort of total comp I'd be expecting?

Only fair to reveal my numbers first -- 190k base, 20% bonus with a pittance amount of RSUs (Intuit claims my 30k yearly refreshers are "competitive").


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Cornerstone n0p705h
    I believe Snap is a Leetcode type interview, they interview like FAANG
    Nov 9 3
    • Apple StoveJabs
      Can confirm
      Nov 9
    • Intuit intupu
      Good to know. I'm still gonna try at those companies but I'm not holding my breath. Leetcode style interviews are so 1999.
      Nov 9
    • Lyft zimgreen
      I thought I couldn't pass a LC type interview, but then I went to Lyft. Now I make $400K.
      Nov 9


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