Start as general SWE vs. Specializing in ML, mobile or web?

New / Eng FAANG_
Apr 18 6 Comments

If I have time to study online any of fields . Shall I search for a job as general SWE or start taking online courses in web/ mobile or ML ?

Which is better in terms of probability of getting into FAANG ?

TC is 0
Yoe=2 as general SWE with master in electrical engineering


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  • New / Eng FAANG_
    You mean, I should focus on general SW and study DS and algorithms well right?
    Apr 18 2
  • VMware AvPn02
    But that was just a few teams in a sea of thousands
    Apr 18 0
  • VMware AvPn02
    I remember seeing a couple of teams that needed to hire mobile devs for app work and they were trying to skirt the system a bit by building out specific interview loops so they could interview/focus more on the candidates work exp, knowledge of mobile ecosystem, etc instead of distributed systems design, etc. Not sure how they ended up working out but they will have hard time transferring to other opps internally as soon as their potential new manager asks them to design Netflix
    Apr 18 0
  • VMware AvPn02
    With 2 yrs of exp and if u r dead set on trying to get into FANG companies none of what u listed matters
    Apr 18 0