Start green card process at stable job with uninteresting work. Or get a more exciting job first?

Siemens cheesecak
Nov 11 11 Comments

I'm on h1b since 1 year. I know that the green card process locks you with your employer for at least 2 years, and you can't switch jobs.
My waiting time is current for gc.
I'm a data scientist. But the work has no cool work such as ML or statistics. Although I'm learning some data engineering, and cloud architecture, and some Dev ops stuff. I either develop dashboards which requires zero programming, or I write some analytics algos in spark.
Tc. 80k yoe 2


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  • Panasonic Avionics / Mgmt ontv16
    Start your GC ASAP-
    Nov 11 0
  • Microsoft ‘:81$
    Nov 11 0
  • New / Manufacturing Medtronic
    Bruh u joking? 80k at 2 YOE of experience? How did you get your H1B approved at that wage in California?
    Nov 11 2
    • Siemens !#!
      Wrong industry 😢
      Nov 11
    • Siemens cheesecak
      I don't live in California. I live in a medium col city. What I make is average according to sites like Glassdoor etc for 0-1 yoe. Although it's been 2 years, and Im thinking of asking my manager to review my compensation.
      Nov 11
  • Aspect AvKW75
    I am exatcly where you are. GC all the way. Job security is way more important than exciting works that might force you to sell everything you own and move out of the country if you are laid off
    Nov 11 0
  • EPAM Systems djdhdxn
    Take GC, learn ML "for fun" on company dime
    Nov 11 0
  • Facebook wAeJ04
    GC for sure.
    Nov 12 1
    • Facebook wAeJ04
      Well actually, GC only if you cannot see yourself elsewhere but US in the near future.
      Nov 12
  • New jam12
    Get your gc. A safe and secure and boring job can lull you into thinking you can hit the open market and do better. Grass isn’t always greener
    Nov 11 0
  • Enlighted / Data l0stSoul
    GC - clear this hurdle first then think about anything else. Trust me it is very important and looking at ur yoe, u have lot of time to find and work at exiting jobs
    Nov 11 0


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