Start up suicide - THE SIGNS

Samaritan grliketaco
Aug 9, 2017 3 Comments

Been working for a (toxic) start up for the past year and I've learned the key traits of how to kill your start up.

*Where is everyone?*
One of the problems I didn't catch on early on was that most of my co-workers did not want to come in to work (they still worked, but never showed their faces). There was a time that I didn't see or communicate with a back-end developer for almost 6 months!! And the team size back then was 5. Simply said, nobody believed in the company or thought it was worth while to show up.

*What was I actually hired to do?*
I was hired to do SDE, but naively was taunted to "prove" myself by picking up Marketing, OPS, QA, and other nonsensical work...long story short I burnt out and sticked strictly to SDE. Yet still, it became a pain in the ass trying to get things done when Founders want to micromanage your work, or worse, change product designs/ functionality at the last minute.

*So you don't have any tangible skills, and yet you call yourself the CEO?*
Yea we all hear about the stories of self made entrepreneurs who graduated from college and started a successful business...odds are you're not one of them, especially if you don't have any skills to lead a company or build around your product.
It's better if you dedicate yourself to building your skills around one particular aspect of the project rather than talking your way into things, we'll eventually find out.

*Geez thanks for the credit*
Back when I was wearing the marketing hat, I was able to get Facebook (Seattle) to give us a moment to share our product with them (all thanks to an insider friend) so I asked the CEO to thank the staff and my friend for making this happen. As soon as presentations started he completely ignored my request and proceeded to talk about himself and how he built the product...yea that's bad


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  • Pandora dipthong
    Don't forget all the secret meetings and whispering.
    Aug 9, 2017 1
  • Eigen / Eng

    Eigen Eng

    Sounds something like mine.. Gotto get off ASAP it seems
    Aug 9, 2017 0