Start up vs public company

Red Hat EmGA16
Feb 9 6 Comments

What do you think of startups vs going to a large technology company what are the pros and cons .


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  • New / Eng sparked
    Are you asking about public vs. private or specifically about start ups. If you’re talking specifically about start ups you need to qualify more. A 12 person start up is way different from a “start up” like Uber or Lyft that employ 1000s of people. If you’re talking about a small company or new company (<4 yr old) you’re gonna find yourself doing all kinds of work. I worked at a small start up on the backend team and often found myself doing front end work and pitching the product to prospects. At a bigger company everything will be much more defined in terms of job responsibilities
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  • New DvVM00
    literally google it. tons of good resources
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  • Quanergy Systems sj5uq
    in a big company you fart around in your silo. in a startup you get to play in more sandboxes
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  • P&G Xkzq46
    At a bigger company, I already know that my shares are worth something
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  • AIG / Product

    AIG Product

    Deloitte Digital
    Counseling CxOs for AI-first strategy !
    Liquid shares (listed) vs no liquidity (startup).

    Startups may have rules around buy-out when you wish to leave and the buyout may be prohibitively expensive and risky as you don't know if the stock may appreciate before the next liquidity event.

    This happened with @MagicLeap folks.

    Rocket like trajectory if you get in the startup at the right moment vs relatively miniscule gains in listed ones.
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  • Western Digital rhrR87
    In startup most likely you will be working with newer tech. In older companies you may work in legacy stuff or older tech. Established companies do not move as fast. In start up you may need to do stuff that goes little beyond your responsibility. Start up may run out of money
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