Starting a family soon after joining Amazon

Intel jhkhk86
Nov 8, 2018 21 Comments

Hi friends,
I recently got an offer as SDE 2 in Amazon. I am planning to have kid within next 1 year. Do you think I should be able to handle the stress when I am pregnant? Has anyone in Amazon been in a similar situation? If it helps my pay will increase by 2x.


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TOP 21 Comments
  • Microsoft / Product@zzz
    Dress your baby as a dog, and you will be fine.
    Nov 8, 20180
  • Oath / MgmtAtinlay
    5’6” will be so excited!
    Nov 8, 20182
    • Salesforce Babadukduk
      What is this joke ?
      Nov 8, 2018
    • Amazon Jеff Bezоs
      How does pay increase by having a kid?
      Nov 8, 2018
  • Amazon / EngAndyGassy
    You will be fine. If your team is stressful, move to another. WLB varies greatly from team to team.
    Nov 8, 20183
    • Intel jhkhk86
      Thanks for the input. :)
      Nov 8, 2018
    • Amazon RLRq11
      Bad manager can always throw you under the bus and then you won't be able to change teams. Think hard and then make a decision.
      Nov 8, 2018
    • Amazon / EngAndyGassy
      If you are getting low ratings change teams before they can pip you. 'Dev plan' means gtfo. There will be enough warning before it's too late.
      Nov 8, 2018
  • Amazon AnaGeek
    It's not as bad as ppl say. I manage several SDEs, and I doubt they hate me lol
    Nov 8, 20181
  • New oibv50
    There‘s never a „good time to have kids“. It will always be stressful. Just go for it.
    Nov 8, 20180
  • Amazon Shakira
    Not a good idea. On the other hand, you don’t have to push too hard with all those added stress.
    Nov 8, 20181
    • Amazon / EngAndyGassy
      People on blind can be drama queens. I've been at Amazon greater than 8 years. WLB is fine, there are a few bad teams.
      Nov 8, 2018
  • Cadence Zyg
    As much as you wish to plan, some things in life are difficult. Babies are miracles. Just prioritize what’s important in your life, and you’ll be just fine.
    Nov 8, 20180
  • Amazon Seaplane
    Does your manager have young kids?
    Nov 17, 20180
  • Amazon / EngQVHz54
    Obviously it depends on the team but I wouldn't worry about it. My team was fine - when I was pregnant they moved stand ups to a conference room so I wouldn't feel awkward being the only one sitting, they scheduled meetings around my pumping schedule when I returned, etc. There was one idiot PM who kept trying to get meeting moved to times I needed to pump and my manager brought it up before I even said anything. As long as the people you work with are not jerks you'll be fine. If they are jerks, switch teams ASAP whether or not you're pregnant.
    Nov 8, 20180
  • Microsoft qgSY25
    You’ll be fine, you’re not pregnant yet,
    no need to start panicking.
    See how’s the stress level in the team and worst case leave to another one, look for possible plan Bs. Always a good idea is to save the extra money now for emergency fund.
    Nov 8, 20180
  • Microsoft AvTC33
    What’s the package for sde2?
    Nov 8, 20181
  • Amazon nwi751
    You have to wait at least a year for mat leave benefits to kick in if I'm not mistaken. If you get a bad team, they could try to force you out
    Nov 12, 20180
  • Prosper


    Tall white dude
    Amazon is where personal life goes to die... worst employer to have a baby at
    Nov 11, 20180

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