Starting a startup on the side

DoorDash / Eng shzisbd
Jul 3 4 Comments

Hey guys,
I’m starting a company on the side ( Please wish me luck. I heard a lot of people have done this and eventually quit their full time if things pick up. Please leave an advice if you’ve gone through something similar. Would love any advice. Thanks!!!!


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  • Google SonOfCoul
    While working & you have cash flow do as much setup as you can. You can also outsource things depending on your work contract. Some contracts forbid you to create things. What if you didn’t create it yourself but co own it?
    Jul 3 0
  • Amazon thatright
    Dasher on the side?
    Jul 3 1
  • New / Eng cubano1
    CheskyAI is a recruitment platform? why build that when there are so many existing ones like
    Jul 3 0