Starting new job before quitting old

Google just.uni
May 13 19 Comments

My start date for my new job is 6/24, and I'm wondering if I can stay at Google until the 25th (using vacation days for 24/25) because I have a chunk of stock vesting on the 25. Has anyone done this before?


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TOP 19 Comments
  • Lyft d83jq
    No experience but sounds like an awful awful idea
    May 130
  • Apple MadQueen
    Have you googled this?
    May 133
    • New watrclr
      Trust me they already knew his idea before he did
      May 13
    • Intel Who.Dis
      DuckDuckGo this, google could track you and that’s how you get implicated
      May 14
    • New watrclr
      DuckDuckGo on Mozilla is his only hope
      May 14
  • Palo Alto Networks reactjsman
    Never ever do that. Postpone your start date
    May 131
  • It’s not legal. You’re still under google employment contract and it doesn’t allow you to work for other companies. So, if they find out, you’re screwed.
    May 130
  • Amazon silver_fox
    Why not just push your start date back by a few days?
    May 132
    • Google just.uni
      that's probably what I'll end up doing, just wanted to consider my options
      May 13
    • Tableau WorkingIt
      There really are no good options for this. Never ever have an overlap of service dates unless you want to get possibly sued by Google in the future. I bet you are switching to another tech company and even if not, it would at least be considered moonlighting.
      May 13
  • Facebook imt
    I did that with Microsoft in 2016. I gave ~2.5 weeks notice and Microsoft asked me to leave same day as I was joining Facebook. I started Facebook next Monday and got paid first 2 weeks from both Microsoft and Facebook. It felt nice 😊

    If Google has a walkout policy, you can get paid from both places first 1-2 weeks ;)
    May 130
  • Oracle Ninamyers
    postpone your start date. you will get into trouble otherwise
    May 131
  • Oracle Ninamyers
    Honestly why would u want do that? Just make sure there are a few days of PTO and then join your new job.
    May 130
  • DoorDash WQXL70
    Push back your start date and quit the day after it vests. Not professional but worth it.
    May 160
  • Salesforce baby J
    Yes, above is correct in theory (you can get sued etc). In reality, it’s highly unlikely since it’s only a day overlap (unless you on some super “black ops” team ). More likely, you will be blacklisted and never work for google again
    May 130
  • Twitch iorjtj
    There will be no lawsuit. You can quit and use vacation days and make your last day after 1/2 weeks depending on PTO. Ask recruiter/HR/people ops. You aren’t allowed to work at both places. What you’ll do is handover laptop/badge access etc.
    May 130
  • Facebook shsgsa
    A lawsuit would wipe out the dollars you are looking to gain so not worth it
    May 130

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