Startup CEO to FB PM

Aug 22 4 Comments

Hi all, I have a video interview with Facebook for a PM role coming up and I was hoping to get some advice on prep. I have no background with an official title as a PM and no technical background either. I did run my own startup where I handled a lot of the PM work and even do some PM type of work in my spare time for a nonprofit. I have been reading cracking the PM interview, all of the prep material FB sent over, and plan on reading Swipe to Unlock before the interview. I want to make sure I am as prepared as possible, so I wanted to reach to this group to see if anyone has any advice on how to stand out. If there are any current FB PM's out there I'd love to connect for a mock interview, if you have the time. In case you all may need it, my background is one year in consulting while running my own investment fund and almost two years running my own startup while doing VC work for our institutional investor. Thanks in advance!


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  • New cJkr78
    I think Swipe to Unlock is unnecessary. Just wanted to share one pointer here:

    Good luck!
    Aug 22 1
    • OP
      Thank you so much!
      Aug 22
  • SuneraTech AXWY54
    What TC are you expecting at FB as a PM
    Aug 22 1
    • OP
      Honestly, I'm not too focused on TC right now. My priority is nailing these interviews! It seems like a job I would love and happiness in the work place is underrated. I'm sure they'll compensate me fairly once we get to that point, but we've got to get there first.
      Aug 22


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