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HID Global Jaybe
Apr 4 9 Comments

Is there any good place where you follow to hunt for good startups to join? By good I mean positive cash flow, unique offering, attracting investor attention, etc.
Crunchbase is good but not free. Breakoutlist is also good but not frequent updates.
How do you find a startup that fits your criteria?


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  • New / Data pippinsam
    Apr 4 1
    • Intel rewt
      I found this pretty good...
      Apr 4
  • Quora eNHU01
    Go to career fairs at Stanford and Berkeley, see what the kids are hyping up. This is how you join Robinhood and Flexport in 2017.
    Apr 4 0
  • New / Eng young$$
    Crunchbase + Angelist + TechCrunch + hacker news
    Apr 4 0
  • Microsoft
    ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)


    Taco Bell, Campbell Soup, Jack in the Box
    ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)more
    Positive cashflow and startup don’t belong in the same sentence 🤣
    Apr 4 0
  • Fannie Mae tibco
    Breakout list
    Apr 4 0
  • Microsoft UseDeFeet
    Remember Amazon only relatively recently became cash flow positive, that criteria can be misleading.
    Apr 4 0
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay2
    Apr 4 0