Startup with series A funding(18 million USD ) vs. a startup with unicorn status in freight industry ?

New / Eng harigur
Jul 1 9 Comments

1) first company - startup in real estate domain. Base - 160k. Sign on 10k. SFO. 14000 shares(0.85 cents per share) company valuation ~78 million. Series b coming soon. At least said by VP or product. They started company in 2014. Revenue this year will be 12 million and next year 24 million.

2) second company - in freight industry. Unicorn startup. Raised 3 digit millions USD. Super growth on their revenue. Base - 155k. Sign on 10k.bay area again. 10000 shares. May IPO 3+ years later.

What are your thoughts?
Never worked for FAANG, but onsites and phone interviews scheduled .both companies do web dev and use ML/AI....

Assuming no offer from FAANG, which one I should take? Why?


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  • Flexport b37
    Actually OP we have raised 4 digit millions.
    Jul 1 0
  • GoDaddy / Data

    GoDaddy Data

    Jul 1 0
  • Credit Karma FBGuru
    Yeah, take flexport
    Jul 1 0
  • Instacart / Eng instattack
    Yea, I would take Flexport
    Jul 1 0
  • New / Eng Betal
    Is #2, flexport? It'd take that over a real estate startup. Real estate as an industry is slow and may be down for the next few years.
    Jul 1 0
  • Google / Product thxb54
    Question: Is Flexport preferable to FAANG? Will the shares they give you compensate for the lower salary + equity?
    Jul 1 1
    • Thumbtack iAFb11
      I don’t think anything will be comparable to FAANG. You will have to think about non monetary things such as more ownership/impact/job satisfaction.
      Jul 2
  • New ITEx25
    @harigur I'm curious what your YOE is, for my own research purposes!
    Aug 22 0
  • Cisco amznoin
    What’s your yoe? For no 2, stocks are priced at what $ and valuation ?
    Jul 1 0


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