State of Crypto industry - and working at Crypto companies?

Bank of America Yaab78
Sep 16 7 Comments

Hi HODLers and non-crypto folks,

A few questions:

What’s the latest in the cryptocurrency world? Are folks still investing in it, are individuals still buying/selling, are folks still looking to get lambos with alt mooncoin circa dec 2017?

It seems like traditional volume is down?

Are Gemini, Ripple and Coinbase good places to work?



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  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    * ++ slatt !! +:) !! ++ *
    will soon be irrelevant
    Sep 16 0
  • Ripple cryptocrük
    Ripple is a good place to work if you're okay with working in San Francisco.
    Sep 19 3
    • Concur / Eng Dr. Monkey
      I don't get why so many cryptocurrency companies are located in SF. One of the core features of cryptocurrency is decentralization. That's a selling point. Why isn't it axiomatic to the culture of these companies? Why do they want to pay SF's high real estate prices, and the cost of employees dealing with SF's high CoL, just so they can live in a shithole and watch every step for feces and needles on the sidewalks? It makes no sense at all. And it's not just Ripple. All cryptocurrency companies should be decentralized.
      Sep 19
    • Ripple cryptocrük
      Well, in fact Ripple is pretty decentralized. XRPL team is totally distributed and they work remotely. Many engineers from RippleNet team are remote as well. There are offices in London, NY, Saõ Paolo and Singapore. So, I guess we kinda follow that principle.
      Sep 19
    • Concur / Eng Dr. Monkey
      Hmm… that's very good to know. Thanks.
      Sep 19
  • New bJmS38 is a good company with good leadership
    Sep 16 0
  • Snapchat bFCN68
    Does someone still believe in coins?
    Sep 16 0


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