States vs t-mobile and Sprint πŸ––

Verizon ggKO25
Jun 12 5 Comments


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  • T-Mobile / Design 9e72p1nq
    Verizon and AT&T will both be bigger still
    Jun 13 1
    • T-Mobile / IT aSPt24
      Yeah, but not for long if we do...
      Jun 13
  • T-Mobile / IT TSgth4evr
    Hopefully the states can help the nation by getting the courts to block this major disaster for employees of these two companies.
    Jun 13 0
  • VMware / Eng

    VMware Eng

    What's the issue with this merger? Verizon would still be bigger than the new TMo.
    Jun 12 0
  • T-Mobile 3ipAWo
    Probably going to merge
    Jun 12 0