Stay in Raleigh or move to the west coast?

Charles Schwab EGjV76
Mar 14 7 Comments

I'm a happy person. I'm working on an awesome product that will be used by millions. I have coworkers that are nice and talented at what they do. I have an incredible girlfriend and a house that I pretty much built from scratch. Most days, I feel like I have it all.

And yet, I can't help but wonder what I might be missing out on. The level of innovation in the Raleigh-Durham tech scene is not the level I'd hoped it'd be when I moved here 7 years ago. To make matters worse, the growth of the city is sprawling, the politics are acrimonious and traffic is getting worse by the day. Apple bought 200 acres of land 5 minutes from me and decided they'd like to do absolutely nothing with it. Frankly, I don't blame them.

Has anyone on here hit the reset button and moved out to the west coast mid-career? Do you feel like it's made your life better? Worse?

Age: 33
TC: $130k


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    • Right answer, it's a pure lifestyle choice. I totally relate to having some FOMO though. Honestly though, I think you'd be surprised if you went there. You should do an interview to get a small taste. I know I was let down a little bit by the experience, and I don't think the quality of engineer on average is that different. The tails probably a little fatter out there.
      Mar 14
  • Amazon / Mgmt lanadelrey
    yep. i left the triangle after ~7 years of working in tech there for SF, been here almost 3 years now. my life is 100x better now— feels great to be playing in the big leagues and not a big fish in a boring pond no one cares about. life is “harder” here— CoL, commuting, competing with smarter people— but if you want to explode your career and work at companies that are actually changing the game, there’s nowhere else to be.
    Mar 14 0
  • Cisco vzIq77
    I’m at 70k TC at Cisco RTP and would consider moving to the west coast if I could double my TC
    Mar 14 2
    • Amazon / Mgmt lanadelrey
      easily doable depending on your role
      Mar 14
    • Cisco vzIq77
      Network Engineer. I’m applying for AWS networking roles in Seattle currently, got my first reply to “discuss the position further” yesterday.
      Mar 14
  • TuneIn brazas
    Come to Colorado. Beautiful out there
    Apr 5 0
  • Intel / Eng DonaldDD's
    Go to the west coast, but never consider the Bay Area. This is a short answer, but the problems of the Bay are isolated to the Bay. The entire west coast has better weather and premium outdoor areas compared to the Bay. The Bay itself is actually terrible if you want to be outside.
    Mar 15 0


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