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Verizon Digital Media Services 3E7qb
Nov 11 10 Comments

Non-commission sales/TAM, 7 YOE, got an offer from Amazon for L5 SA in LA and OC and accepted to start in a few weeks. Have NOT given 2 weeks notice to current.

Current TC: 165K(base + annual bonus)
Accepted Amazon Offer TC: 205k(142k base)

However, just received surprised promotion at current place starting January, pretty much doing the same thing, no real quantifiable increase of duties. This is in writing and guaranteed. Maybe it's a retention offer that I didn't ask for.

New TC: 195K(base + annual bonus + tiny RSU)

Now I'm not sure if I can justify leaving a better WLB and Benefits for such a small difference in TC (10k). But career wise it looks better for growth and experience.

Had a few phone calls with hiring manager at amazon already, pretty excited. I want to avoid bad start with the HM, but is it even possible to discuss salary anymore at this point?

Should I renege and just cruise and "rest and vest"? But I don't want to get blacklisted by Amazon in the future or even just FOMO.

Or suck it up and take Amazon since it's still higher TC at Amazon (but in reality, cash is only higher for year 1, year 2,3,4 is a crap shoot due to stock performance)? Although way crappier WLB and benefits, maybe it's a better career choice?

Advice and opinions appreciated!



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  • Amazon PM626
    Depending on your team, your workload might be significantly higher than your current job. Also, Amazon has much higher expectation on your performance, which can be stressful for some people. However, with that being said, experience at Amazon is going to be quite valuable and looks good on resume. I would recommend you to first try negotiate with the HM for a higher salary (say that your current employer gave a bump), see if they are willing to give some more (keep in mind this might be tough as 205 might be on the high side of the pay band). If Amazon says yes, make the switch. If Amazon says no, I would recommend staying at your current role for better WLB.
    Nov 11 2
    • Verizon Digital Media Services 3E7qb
      Thanks for that perspective, I feel I have the energy to take on the added stress to perform. Usually people suggest talking to recruiter, but is it better to talk to HM because I accepted and signed already?
      Nov 11
    • Amazon PM626
      Actually yes, talk to the recruiter instead.
      Nov 11
  • New deflow
    Renegotiate. Let them know at least.

    But either way I would take the offer.

    You probably learn more at Amazon.
    Better brand than Verizon.
    Your salary could increase with Amazon too. Plus refreshers.

    Think about it, if the promotion didn't come, you'll be at Amazon already

    Right now you just want to have a bigger delta in pay. So let the recruiter know. If hiring manager is in charge of pay, let him/her know too that you're coming over with small delta.
    Nov 13 1
    • Verizon Digital Media Services 3E7qb
      Thanks, appreciate the input.
      Nov 13
  • Verizon Digital Media Services 3E7qb
    Anyone happen to know the top TC band for L5 SA in LA or even Seattle? From research L5/SDE2 top is ~$240k (non-bay/ny), not sure how much below it is for SA, 10% less or more ?
    Nov 13 0
  • Google simba212
    DM me.
    Nov 11 0
  • Verizon Digital Media Services 3E7qb
    Seems like renegotiate and suck it up are head to head. Thanks for the data points.

    Curious if anyone can chime in on what internal "work" will the recruiter need to do to change the compensation? After all I already signed and completed background checks. I forgot to mention no Visa or anything like that needed.
    Nov 11 0
  • Verizon Digital Media Services 3E7qb
    Started looking because I felt no more career and meaningful TC growth. I was just cruising and being a lifer. I feel I'm young enough to take risks, but at the same time a bit scared to move on without the "high enough" TC increase to counter giving up lazy status. No kids yet, so there's that.
    Nov 11 0
  • Advance Auto Parts who-dor
    Why did you start looking for a job in the first place?
    I'd take Amazon if it was because you weren't happy/satisfied at the current workplace to begin with.
    If tc was the only motivation, then I'd compare growth prospects and decide.
    Also, goes without saying and you already know this - Negotiate with the recruiter, not your manager.
    Nov 11 0


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