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Amazon ilzt07
Sep 29 10 Comments

I was recruited from overseas and joined Amazon around end of 2016 at L5 with 6 yoe (at that time) and non-us MS degree. This year my PCS is around 270k, which I would probably have felt content if i didn’t know Blind and some of my ex-colleagues’ offers when they left Amazon.

I’m sort of tech lead of the current team, but due to many rounds of management change, my promotion is still pending. There is hope for it to go through this year. However, I keep wondering whether I should find another company for (much) better compensation (i know its not a good idea to compare but still..). I tend to work hard and unless I’m keen on leaving, I usually spend my spare time working on the current company’s projects, which is why im struggling with making up my mind.

Just a random thought that someone has been through such experience and share their stories. For completeness, I don’t like the org but I like the work (probably due to having more knowledge and control as a more senior engineer in the team).


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  • Amazon AisaKyaRe?
    Sep 29 2
    • Google HdFg87
      Strongly agree! No matter what
      Sep 29
    • Microsoft m1cr0s0fty
      Disagree. Always leave for better pay + better long term growth + better city + better life + better impact. Put your weight based on your life priorities
      Sep 29
  • New WhES40
    Bezos goes on those extravagant yacht parties and climbing socially and enjoying life because he can afford to take his mind completely off of amazon. He can do that because he knows drones like you will slave away for him. Wake up!
    Sep 29 0
  • Lyft ttttjdndh
    My recommendation would be staying until L6 + 1 year or in your current tech lead role a bit more (assuming you are tech lead less than 3 years), then switch. I was an L6 in amazon, and unless you find the perfect spot outside, it is really hard to match the scope&responsibilities of an L6 sde in amazon with another senior role outside.

    If your only priority is compensation, yeah sure go for it. But i think staying a bit more is probably much better for your career.
    Sep 29 2
    • Lyft ttttjdndh
      On blind: most people who cry compensation here are average Joes, they are not the ones who will give the POA talks, or give keynotes at conferences, or publish whitepapers or highly cited blog posts. It is perfectly fine of course, but I think you are new to blind, so wanted to give some perspective.
      Sep 29
    • Amazon ilzt07
      Thanks for your perspective. I guess my struggling has to do with the fact I came to realize that my saving outside the US was just too small and I feel a bit behind even more when seeing my income even lower than others. Maybe time will help, but this time kinda sucks
      Sep 29
  • Google HdFg87
    I wouldn’t work too hard for a company for less pay, it is all about pay, just wake up. Don’t be slave, be smart and value yourself more
    Sep 29 0
    Баба Яга

    Баба Ягаmore
    TC is all that matters
    Sep 29 0
  • Microsoft vvvvwvvvv
    You are in a much better position than other immigrants. Many of them spend two years at masters degree in US or 5-8 years in PhD only to get a job at SDE 1 level. You have saved a lot of years compared to them. In Blind, most of people who post are in their 20s with a bit of luck and hardwork;hence, this is not normal.
    Oct 22 0


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