Still feel like an impostor after 14 years in the business

Salesforce / Eng GUyW45
Aug 22, 2018 7 Comments

Currently an SMTS at Salesforce. Been doing software engineering, mostly front end, for the past 14 years.

I feel like I’m nowhere near where I should be skill-wise. Every project I’m on, I feel like I’m in over my head.

How do I get out of this rut? I have serious fears that I won’t make it to retirement in this job.


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  • McKinsey Moonface
    Dude welcome to the club. I’ve been feeling like a phony even though I was a top 1% performer at McKinsey and now a director at a tech firm. I always feel like I’ll get found out and fired. I also question what these companies see in me on a daily basis.
    Aug 22, 2018 1
    • Salesforce / Eng GUyW45
      I could never be a director, or even a manager. I don’t have the right skills for it, and I have really bad anxiety that would stand in my way. Don’t know how you guys do it.
      Aug 22, 2018
  • Google / Eng m0vefa5t
    You've made it 14 years, you'll make it 14 more. If fear kept you going for 14 years it'll probably keep you going for 14 more.
    Aug 22, 2018 0
  • Google Ruthless
    Aug 22, 2018 0
  • Indeed / Eng WrinklMgee
    Don’t worry you’re probably no more shit than 90% of the rest of people
    Aug 22, 2018 0
  • Amazon RemyC
    Hang in there, you’re not the only one. I think it’s ok to feel like a phony if you’re still performing and others believe in you.

    What’s worse is not achieving what you can for fear of feeling like a phony. Basically, letting that fear hold you back.

    Also, therapy and beta blockers help with anxiety. I take a very low dose (10mg) a couple times a day, but they’re safe and not habit forming like benzodiazepine. Talk to your doc
    Aug 22, 2018 0
  • ServiceNow aj16
    Current tc? How is your growth so far
    Aug 22, 2018 0


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