Stinkly Apple culture

Apple almostDon3
Apr 15 10 Comments

Anybody also suffering from the same issue? Why is everybody an asshole?


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TOP 10 Comments
  • Because the "A" in FANG stands for "Asshole"
    Apr 15 1
    • Indeed YNfu77
      Fanghole has a good ring to it
      Apr 16
  • Amazon acclkas
    Yes... everyone is asshole even in amazon
    Apr 15 1
    • Nutanix hmbsjc1
      I turned down a gig there because the interviewer was insufferable.
      Apr 15
  • Microsoft 8k7hjh
    Because the success of the iPhone has made the employees think they are God’s gift to humanity.
    Apr 15 0
  • Cisco ABGslayer
    I interviewed with a few teams at apple and noticed some of the interviewers had big egos
    Apr 15 0
  • What do you mean with asshole precisely? Can you make a few examples of their behavior? Thanks.
    Apr 15 0
  • PayPal abhi.blind
    Why don't you guys stop using iphone so asshole can become Apple again?
    Apr 15 0
  • Apple aplanonymo
    Too many males = toxic workplace. Join a company that hires more women and you will find yourself in a more collaborative and pacific workplace.
    May 8 1