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New MBA51
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How do I go about asking for more stock in the company? As well as becoming a more equal partner?

The company started 1 year before I joined, but not much progress started to happen until then. I've been part of every major turning point and new ideas and products of the company, but I still only own 1% of the company, while the remainder 3 partners own 33%, 30%, and 20% respectability.

I am also the only one out of the 4 that is not consider an "executive" position.

Do I have grounds to ask for a more representative percentage?


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  • Visa / Product qKpq03
    Yes you can. I've asked and received more in a previous startup. I've seen others get promoted to exec level.

    Things to consider are how many rounds of funding received. If you had more rounds you may not have 1% anymore. What the exec team thinks of you. Do you manage a team? Do you manage any large process at the company?
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  • Lyft fupaymee
    You can and should ask now, but it seems like they are not great at rewarding. The best time to ask is before you joined, the next best time is when you've been delivering value, the last option is now. Also, you should have a strong batna or be able to walk away from situation to negotiate well. I suggest you read on negotiation before.

    Haseeb qureshi
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  • Visa / Product qKpq03
    Other bit of advice... If you don't ask, someone else will or the exec team will find someone outside to fill an additional exec position. Then you could get stuck.
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  • Microsoft onlythis
    Depending on your relationship with the partners, and also the arrangements of your employment, there are different roads to take.

    But generally if objectively you did contribute to
    the company success, the partners should be happy to give you more ownership in a way that's mutually beneficial - for them to keep you on and motivate even more stellar results, and for you to feel more appreciated for your efforts and contributions.
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  • Facebook public2
    1% is really good for a non founder, investor, or leader.
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  • Oath Atinlay2
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