Strange and feeling low

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Cisco Mgmt

Infosys, Wipro Limited
Jun 23 4 Comments

Two instances :

1. Applied at Uber Career website. Recruiter called me that stating my profile suites two of her positions. She was delighted speaking with me and with my credentials and expertise. As a next step she forwarded my resume to hiring manager. As per hiring manager my expertise and experience isn’t suitable. Sorry email from recruiter

2. Applied at workday. Had first round of discussion with recruiter. Feedback submitted to hiring manager. Recruiter said hiring manager liked my profile a lot and gave me bunch of questions to answer before hiring manager interview. Based on answer given my interview got scheduled with hiring manager. A day before interview received email from recruiter that position got filled with internal candidate.

Bay Area is strange and this recruiters.


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  • Intel jcjz44
    Shit happens ... Get over it.
    Jun 23 0
  • Amazon kmcY20
    Neither one should make you feel low. Recruiters are trying to get candidates to apply, that's their job. They flatter relentlessly knowing you'll have a 0.1% chance of getting hired. They'll flatter you even after you're rejected, so you'll want to try again.

    The second one is just the reality of every company, why take a risk on an external candidate when you can have an internal one? Has nothing to do with you, trust me.
    Jun 23 0
  • F5 Networks bhai-log
    It takes a lot more apps to get a job. Cheer up.
    Jun 23 0
  • Google dumbfcuk
    Jun 23 0


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