Strange experience with resume writers. Is this common?

Bank of America Ch123ang
Apr 30 3 Comments

I have been trying for a job over the few months. My resume never even made through to consideration. I figured I needed some professional help to at least get past ATS. I submitted a proposal request through LinkedIn and got five responses (LinkedIn limits responses to 5). Not being happy with those I reached out to another six or seven writers separately. Four of them responded. Altogether 9.

These are the types of responses I received:
* 7 out of 9 sent what I would call a “canned” response with their pricing and different types of resume they could do
* one of the remaining 2 asked for my current resume, gave some critique and then gave their pricing and different types of resumes they do. Apparently they only work via email and no phone calls
* the last one said they would talk to me first before deciding how to move forward. I am yet to talk to them

So here’s my questions:

- Isn’t this exactly opposite of what they would advise people to do? Not send canned responses?
- Why the heck would I be interested in different types of resume? My interest is what’s relevant for me and my career.
- How would someone create a resume for you without even talking to you?

Maybe they are way too busy to care. Can’t believe resume writers are so much in demand!


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  • Microsoft jT47lg
    For such low paid jobs they have to carpet bomb people with boilerplate proposal emails and go for volume overall.

    Can you imagine doing a half hour phone call or two for every $150 resume job you’d get?
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  • Panasonic Avionics / Sales

    Panasonic Avionics Sales

    I do sales. I sell stuff. It’s what I do.
    I’m going through same. What I found was I went through LinkedIn profiles and took what I considered were good copywriting. Then I wrote about 5 different resumes based on what I was targeting. I don’t think a resume writer would really help you hone in better than you can. Also reddit has helped with this as well
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  • Microsoft
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    I’m not surprised

    Each job they get is fairly small. And the chance of converting leads to customers is low. Ergo it’s not worth putting in much effort to get customers.
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