Stripe Intern Phone Screen

Microsoft / Eng ERlc58
Sep 16 14 Comments

I've got an intern phone screen at Stripe coming up, any tips on what to expect or how to prepare?

I've been doing Leetcode for the past few weeks for other companies, but I understand Stripe is a lot more practical-focused when it comes to the problem you solve? How do you even prepare for that?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

TC was 5k/month (Explore Intern at Microsoft)


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  • Cisco / Eng
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    Cisco Eng

    I am the tech bro.
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    Reverse a string
    Sep 16 6
  • Intel / Finance LC_ups_TC
    Can you trap rain water? If so then you might have a chance
    Sep 17 0
  • Verizon Media mtvguy
    What did you get on the coding challenge? Also how much time did you take?
    Sep 17 1
    • Microsoft / Eng ERlc58
      I took 75 mins and got all the test cases on the problem
      Sep 17
  • Grab G-Hopper
    Hey OP! How was the phone screen
    Sep 20 3
    • Microsoft / Eng ERlc58
      It hasn't happened yet
      Sep 20
    • Grab G-Hopper
      How long did they take to get back Post-Hackerrank?
      Sep 21
    • Microsoft / Eng ERlc58
      @G-Hopper 4 days (got it Monday they responded Friday)
      Sep 21