Stripe Remote? TC, etc

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I noticed that Stripe lets you apply for pretty much any position in a Remote capacity.

That’s really appealing to me, and I’m wondering what are some gotchas with it. For example, is there a level requirement for remote (e.g. junior eng needs to be on campus, senior can be trusted remote)?

What about TC? I’m assuming you don’t get SF TC if you choose to go live in [cheapest US city/state] right? Is TC then determined by your home address? Like if I can take a $130-150k+ base to go rent in the midwest for $300/mo while I vest RSUs till IPO...

I’m assuming I’d probably be leveling at Stripe L2 engineer for reference. 4 YOE $160k TC (non-Bay Goog pay). Also feel free to DM me if you’re a Stripe down to refer. 😉


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  • Stripe josephk
    TC is determined by your home address (could be 80 or 90% of SF) and I do think there is a preference for candidates who have been remote before (which is less likely for more junior candidates).
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