Stripe or Square NYC office?

Google / Eng Neopets😍
Jun 25 11 Comments

I was really interested in working for these companies (and if possible, any referrals please?)

Certainly curious. I’d relocate of course, but still curious about the office and culture.



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  • Amazon qwertyui0p
    Stripe's website clearly says you'll likely be working off hours, having late nights and working weekends. Maybe you like that, but just fyi
    Jun 25 3
    • Google nrvD43
      Where does it say that?
      Jun 25
    • Amazon qwertyui0p
      [Blind] Check out this post! Stripe Interview Guide! (Tech Careers)
      Jun 25
    • Stripe / Eng jaQG11
      While I don't agree with that being published, this isn't the norm. They're just being very transparent about what it can be like working for any high growth tech company

      And it definitely doesn't say "likely"
      Jun 25
  • Square / Eng SQ
    Square NYC office is nice and chill, but our only teams there are Restaurants and Retail. There is a small Cash footprint there.
    Jun 25 4
    • Square / Eng Faux
      ECOM also has a full stack eng team building the new Square Online Store product in NYC.
      Jun 25
    • Square / Eng SQ
      Ah Weebly moved into NYC office?
      Jun 25
    • Google / Eng Neopets😍
      Sick. PMed you.
      Jun 26
    • Square SQRT
      Capital and SecEng also have a presence in NYC
      Jul 9
  • Square / Legal

    Square Legal

    Facebook, Google
    Come join the team!
    Jun 25 1