Struggling to get foot in the door

New tuCt23
Jan 10 8 Comments

Applied for around 10 different roles mostly as an Engineering Manager in Google, Netflix, Stripe, Slack, Dropbox, it's been nearly 2 weeks (not sure of turnaround time), but it seems i'm not progressing past pre-screening, mindful it's also a quiet time of year

Any advice going forward on getting in the door?, is the only way in through a referral?

YOE: 13 with 5 years in Management


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  • Amazon / Eng Chad🕶
    A lot of external manager hires typically know other people in management in the company they're joining
    Jan 10 0
  • Microsoft TacoBoss
    You need to get referrals
    Jan 10 1
    • New tuCt23
      Thanks, thought as much :(
      Jan 10
  • Apple JobsAtApp
    Where do you work right now?
    Jan 10 2
    • New tuCt23
      Just finished up at Travelport unfortunately not a US based tech company which i'm sure also works against me
      Jan 10
    • Apple JobsAtApp
      2 week is too early. Keep applying. Expand your horizon.
      Jan 10
  • Facebook / Mktg L7BP
    Jan 10 0
  • Amazon / Eng kwq7812
    You’re gonna have a hard time without a referral (and I would include referrals from former employees in that; references from people they know and trust in that), frankly. The only other way you’re likely to get traction is by moving down a company tier or two, and/or by taking a substantial demotion. The companies you’re targeting are among the best (and most attractive) in the industry, and can typically fill management roles with referrals and conversions (i.e. moving ICs into management).

    Referrals are particularly important for managers because they can single-handedly make or break the culture (and subsequent performance) of a team. Personally—as a fairly senior SDE working in a tech lead capacity of sorts—I wouldn’t trust a random manager hired from outside the company with no personal connections to the people on my team, and if I were assigned to one I’d immediately start looking for a new team or job (and would encourage my junior mentees on the team to do the same).
    Jan 11 0


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