Student debt

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Jun 11 6 Comments

Do people have student debt here from a graduate degree? If so how do you manage it ?


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  • Google / R&D ubjvhhfvh
    Who has student debt as a graduate student? I've never heard of any STEM program that didn't cover tuition plus give a stipend.
    Jun 11 3
    • New / Other

      New Other

      Did stuff. Hustled hard. Retired
      Look harder.
      Jun 12
    • New RNBLF
      Everyone has a student debt as a graduate student. Especially ones with STEM accreditation.
      Jun 13
    • Google / R&D ubjvhhfvh
      Not everyone. I graduated with PhD from UC in engineering and everyone I knew in the department and other hard sciences had free tuition plus a stipend for being a research assistant.
      Jun 13
  • Amazon look4job
    My Asian friends all pay their tuition in full. So jealous!
    Jun 11 0
  • New RNBLF
    Man, keep paying small amounts and if you are someone who can't save your salary then open another account and transfer some funds to that from every paycheck.
    Jun 13 0