Subaru Ascent

Microsoft Ironman333
Jan 23 3 Comments

Please share your reviews on Subaru Ascent. If you purchased it how is the mileage, maintenance, driving during snow etc. If you considered this and didn’t end up buying what were some of the reasons. In the market for a >5 seater car which is all wheel drive. Appreciate your replies


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  • Amazon E!
    Mileage is solid for a vehicle its size. I get between 24-30 average. Maintenance will vary based on climate, but having driven it around the Midwest for a few seasons I haven’t had to do anything except an oil change and watch my air. We recently got 11” snow and the clearance + awd made it a nonissue. Still have to drive carefully obviously, but at no point did I even consider not going out if I needed to since I knew I wouldn’t get stuck . It’s also extremely roomy inside. Drop the back seats and it’s a hauling machine. I’m very happy with it. Subaru’s recent designs also look quite nice imo, especially compared to the past few iterations, and the ascent is no exception. My only complaint is the Bluetooth sometimes drops out, but that’s rare and might be a phone problem and not the car.
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  • F5 Networks Op64em
    Suggest you consider the Bentley Bentayga as well.
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    • Microsoft Ironman333
      Thanks added to the list
      Jan 23