Successful side project while working full time?

Cisco / EngJohn360
Dec 1, 2018 7 Comments

Have any of you make good profit with a side project while working full time?

If so, how you did it?


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  • New DuQvV7x
    Taken from my AMA. Here’s 20 years of hustle.

    * Bought used computer pallets at local auction and sold for parts on eBay. China killed that idea with cheaper manufacturing. $1-$2k/ month
    * Flipped large dollar gift cards on CL till startups like Raise killed the idea. Met Some sketchy individuals but pulled in $2k/month with very little work.
    * Instructor at local college. Satisfying, awful pay though.
    * Passive investor in a currency trading partnership. I know nothing about currency trading. Lost $10k. #neverAgain #investInYourself
    * Started a small IT staffing shop with 3 others. Profitable. Left in 2013 when I couldn't find time for this. $10k/year. Mostly passive.
    * Equity partner at startup in different state. Wrote a shit load of code. It fizzled. Got NOTHING for 2 years work. Anyone need a fully working Patient Management System? #neverAgain
    * Crypto currency. Only $3k invested. Cashed out at $5k total profit. Who knew BTC would ever breach $1k.
    * Learnt to trade leveraged VIX ETFs. 30% returns in 2015 & 2016 (that trade died last December. VIX has been dormant)
    * Wrote 3 tech books. Financially bad idea and MASSIVE time sink (total royalty was $8k) but was awesome for career
    * Created transport company to profit off Uber Black. Had 2 cars. Travis fucked me on this when UberX came to town. Lost $5k.
    * Created property flipping company. Best income vehicle. That shit eats 40+ hrs a week though. It’s a side gig that eats all your spare time
    * Became a tech conference speaker. No cash but they paid travel and lodging. Also fully approved and supported by my employer. Career booster. Gave it up after 2 years. I love cash.
    * Spent (almost) every single vacation day in the last 5 years doing contract IT training. ~$1k/day, FL, AZ, WA & CA (I'm IN/OH) Honestly wouldn't mind doing this more. Need to automate your QA? PM me
    * Write code for fellow IT folks at different firms. Login via VPN/Webex screen share. Crush code. Pocket $50k/yr.
    * Built web sites. Lots of it. Early 2000s. Built web presence for local businesses and hosted it. About 12k/yr at peak. Until Wix & SquareSpace made the space fully DIY
    * Had a (mildly) interesting idea, built the software, stumped on the hardware (I'm a software guy). Sold it for 50k (split with partner).
    * Every penny of side hustles went into buying rental property. Best passive income vehicle.
    * Turned down google offer in 2003 because I didn't want to move to PA. So I'm not very smart.
    Dec 2, 20180
  • Google Fagedabtit
    Real estate
    Dec 1, 20180
  • Cisco / Eng@blind@
    Online exam site. Yearly makes around 50k
    Dec 1, 20181
    • Amazon aCnX26
      Can you elaborate? Thanks
      Dec 3, 2018
  • Microsoft 4655434b
    By finding & delivering a side project...
    Dec 1, 20180
  • Microsoft Uhgg
    Mobile game
    Dec 2, 20180
  • Facebook Whateverrs
    Buying lots of stock and collecting dividends
    Dec 1, 20180

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