Suck at leetcoding

New 99MleH
Apr 13 12 Comments

How to improve? What are some tech roles without technical interview at banks?


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Amazon Gucun
    bank asks what’s Java GC..
    Apr 135
    • Google tsukino
      Java garbage collector is a great way to randomly increase latency
      Apr 13
    • Microsoft Rydia
      I installed eclipse recently. Holy shit does it take forever to load and do anything. Visual studio is way faster. Java is still slow as fuck I see... Or am I wrong?
      Apr 13
    • Amazon kXxq00
      Who is still using eclipse today?
      Apr 13
    • Microsoft Rydia
      Should I be using intelliJ instead?
      Apr 13
    • Morgan Stanley summer_gen
      Lot's of "experienced" java and .net devs can't explain how gc works beyond "uhm... It's frees memory n stuff"
      Apr 13
  • New MVxb56
    Practice ... duh?
    Apr 130
  • Google tsukino
    tech roles without technical interview... I guess you need to use your connections? or launch your own startup
    Apr 131
    • Yahoo VOui62
      Product managers. Nowadays any harry can be a product mAnager
      Apr 13
  • Airbnb :::::::
    Do 200 Leetcode and you’ll be good
    Apr 140
  • If you don’t care about working at Big N then you should be okay.
    Apr 131
    • Facebook Probe
      lmao so naive...
      Apr 13

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