Suggestion on good h1b immigration lawyer for consultation

Facebook someone..
Jun 11 6 Comments

I am moving to G soon and wanted to take a break of 3 weeks. I asked this to my BAL assistant and she said it’s okay if I have that many days in my grace period and my I94 is valid.

However, I don’t trust her as she had already provided a wrong answer before.

I wanted to consult with a lawyer remotely to double check.
Any recommendation on the lawyer/websites to use that are affordable and reliable?

Talked to a lawyer on and he is asking for $200, isn’t that a bit too much ? Not trying to be stingy but seeing if there’s a better option


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  • Microsoft Tattle
    Jun 11 2
    • Facebook someone..
      How much they charge ?
      Jun 11
    • Amazon


      It is secret
      Jun 11
  • New / Other AuntHilda
    You said that you are looking for a better option. I think that you are looking for a cheaper option
    Jun 11 0
  • Intel bulle
    I spoke with a lawyer through Avvo once. She was a well reviewed employment immigration attorney, but it took a while to explain the situation to her. And I didn't get any input that I didn't already know. A waste of $150 for the half hour consultation, but it did provide peace of mind in that I already had the complete picture.

    If your case isn't uniquely unique, I would say spend time reading and researching on your own. You should be able to figure most (not all) things out on your own
    Jun 11 0
  • Verizon / Eng ComTruis3
    $200 for an hour is standard
    Jun 11 0