Sumo logic vs snowflake

FogHorn / Eng haireputar
Jul 9 7 Comments

Which is more promising to go for ipo? Or neither does look good?


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  • SAP MrDT
    Snowflake hands down.

    They have a very good product in a not-so competitive space.
    They're mostly competing with AWS Redshift and GCP BigQuery in the Cloud Data Warehouse space. Over the last years lots of folks have moved from Redshift to Snowflake because it is less management effort, faster and more cost effective for many scenarios. They added recently native GCP support which may give them the opportunity to eat a piece of BigQuery's share as well.
    Overall I'd say they are the leader in the cloud data warehouse space.

    SumoLogic is in a hyper-competitive space (there are literally at least 15 log analytics vendors out there) and while their product is good, I would not call them the market leader by many dimensions. I also don't see them growing very much compared to the rest of the pack.

    Note: This is from the user, not employee perspective. I've evaluated and used multiple products in Snowflakes and SumoLogics respective competitive spaces in the last 2 years.
    I also applied at Snowflake a few months ago but didn't hear back, but never mind :)
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  • Sumo Logic / Eng mdfgg
    Snowflake looks like it has quicker growth compare to SumoLogic
    Jul 9 0
  • Snowflake got bought by azure I think
    Jul 9 2
    • FogHorn / Eng haireputar
      There are no news about your claim.
      Jul 9
    • Yep sorry I was wrong it was a partnership announcement
      Jul 11
  • Is ben shapiro asking this?
    Jul 10 0
  • SAP bdgv
    Snowflake didn't get bought by azure
    Jul 10 0