Sundar Pichai earns my Yearly TC in just 52 minutes . What’s yours ?

Nvidia ML👍
May 3 16 Comments

Google's Sundar Pichai made $470 million last year, for an astounding 'hourly' rate

That figure, which includes a $650,000 salary and valuable stock awards, amounts to an hourly pay rate that most Americans can only ever dream about.

If you do the math based on a standard 40-hour work week, Pichai earned $225,961 per hour in 2018.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for a full-time wage or salary worker was $900 as of the fourth quarter of 2018. That's $22.50 per hour.


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  • Microsoft MSFTBRO
    Satya is way underpaid... one of us!
    May 3 3
    • Microsoft


      The "being underpaid" vibe flows top down here. Just like all other BS.
      May 3
    • Ericsson / Eng rawr🙈🙉
      Satya is underpaid because he didn’t come into Microsoft as a new grad!!
      May 3
    • Amazon 22/7
      Not at all. Satya has different comp model. He owns more MSFT stocks than any other individual after Ballmer and Gates.
      May 4
  • Bank of America ih8gultis
    Satya needs to do more Leetcode to increase TC
    May 3 1
    • Nvidia ML👍
      May 3
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Google tormun_d
      Way less than somebody who can say "beautiful","stunning", "gorgeous", "incredible", "fantastic", "tremendous", "powerful", "wonderful", "revolutionize", "better than ever", "world a better place", "iPhone" and "one more thing" in a sentence
      May 4
  • Cavium JqFrjV1n
    Seriously wondering what he will do with that much money..??! Any clues?
    May 3 2
    • New old?
      He will do the needful.
      May 3
    • Google tormun_d
      His children will get it. Story of every Indian parent.
      May 4
  • New old?
    Sundar Hiring Committee.. Larry, Sergey and Eric. All multi-billionaires.

    Sundar Team matching = just take Google Inc.

    Sundar competing offers = CEO of Uber, CEO of Twitter, CEO of MSFT.

    I think he got lowballed at G.
    May 3 0
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • SpaceX ________
      "Do SWEs really deserve their salaries? They just sit in front of desk and I am working my ass off while peeing in bottle making 15$ an hour"

      - Amazon warehouse worker
      May 3
  • SpaceX ________
    Okay, you too my friend made entry level Walmart associate's day's wage in an hour.

    I am all for Humanitarian capitalism or Capitalism with compassion, but capitalism must persist ! That is what pushes people to create value.

    As long as we have system where equal opportunities to succeed are created (Meh USC admission scandal) and most of the members of society are getting decent wage, CAPITALISM IS BETTER CHOICE THAN SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM.
    May 3 1
    • Pandora scrolllock
      “As long as” is the key here. The big players will try to fix the rules in their favor. The only counter to that is eternal vigilance, regulation. When that falters? Become your inner socialist and eat the rich.
      May 3
  • Oracle 7uuy444
    Seriously what will Sundar do with all that money? Eat gold?
    May 4 1
    • Qualcomm RYlh03
      Chill with Ambani at his sons wedding
      May 7


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