Sunday night/Monday depression

Uber / Eng The 𝖣
Apr 29 18 Comments

Anyone else get a serious case of this? Feel pretty satisfied with my life but God damn...I feel and overwhelming sense of dread Sunday night followed by pretty bad depression most of Monday.

The rest of the week feels fine though for the most part, but Mondays are like really rough for me, it's like having serious depression and recovering from it within a day.


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TOP 18 Comments
  • Intel babubhatt
    Sounds like you have a case of the Mondays
    Apr 29 1
  • Nvidia coolpm
    You are not alone.
    Apr 29 0
  • Honeywell ⛔️
    I just caught myself thinking the same last Sunday morning. Spoiled the entire Sunday with the thoughts about work. Don’t even hate my job, but the overwhelming amount of work makes it uneasy trying to prioritize.
    Apr 29 0
  • Microsoft uehxuben
    I feel the same way.
    Apr 29 0
  • Salesforce curious03
    Everyone has the Sunday blues.
    Sunday is the worst day of the week
    Apr 29 1
    • Uber / Eng The 𝖣
      For me it starts on Sunday but Monday itself is the worst day
      Apr 29
  • Amazon fcuked
    GoT clears Sunday blues
    Apr 29 0
  • New / Eng going2g
    Right there with you.
    Apr 29 0
  • Microsoft LrPa145
    Yups totally feel it.
    Apr 29 0
  • Juniper / Eng sixpack
    Those are called Sunday Blues.
    Apr 29 0
  • New / R&D mylttlpony
    Yea, Sunday scaries
    Apr 29 0
  • Goldman Sachs xZkTpq
    Yup had to take a day off today just because :D
    Apr 29 0
  • Facebook / Data k9two
    Clear up some work stuff on Sunday evening you will feel better
    Apr 29 1
    • Intel Who.Dis
      Slippery slopes
      Apr 30
  • Microsoft FromMars
    That is common but if it is unbearable, try to work on Sunday evening. That way you don’t worry about Mondays work and can relax on Monday knowing you already have done some work.

    This problem goes away once you have a kid. You desperately want Monday to come so you can get away from baby sitting or kids go to school.
    Apr 29 0
  • Evernote zxWfvt
    Hm just curious what do your Mondays look like? Are they overwhelming?
    Apr 29 0