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New Job&TC
Aug 8 6 Comments

I have been on the job hunt since long and I have attended on-site at Microsoft, Amazon and Walmart but the decision is not in my favor. I currently work for an 3PL and I want to make a move to either retail or e-commerce where I can learn complete supply chain. Any referrals at your company or suggestions from your experiences will be a great help.

YOE - 4
Specialization - Capacity planning, sales & operations planning, implementation of warehouse softwares, Industrial Engineer, Data Analysis (Excel, SQL, Tableau, Python(still learning)), process and more.

I know its hard to refer an unknown at your company, I can send you my resume and refer only if you feel comfortable.


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  • DoorDash / Strategy cnsbd3
    DoorDash has an expanding grocery team if you’re interested
    Aug 8 3
    • New Job&TC
      Sure, I’m at a point to learn. Are you able to refer if I find any better fits?
      Aug 8
    • DoorDash / Strategy cnsbd3
      Yep. Look at the careers page and if you find something DM me
      Aug 8
    • New Job&TC
      Sent you a message.
      Aug 8
  • Airbnb / Finance

    Airbnb Finance

    What city? If it's bay area lmk. Plenty of connections at sourcing/licensing/oscm
    Aug 8 1
    • New Job&TC
      I don’t have any place constraints. I’m currently located in Chicago.
      Aug 8


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